Research and Science

Our mission to resolve the autism epidemic through environmental research and effective treatments requires urgent attention to science and clinical practice.

Our science strategy is simple. Find the causes of the autism epidemic. Remove the causes, leading to prevention. Find the biological mechanisms that underlie autism’s disabling features. Identify the interventions that are working to prevent or resolve the features of autism which lead to increased morbidity and mortality.

Our strategy is implemented through monitoring and reporting the latest science news; supporting original science studies, reviews, and investigations; advocating among the Federal government and other key organizations; and aggregating and organizing the evidence-base in an accessible resource. These activities are overseen by our science committees of life scientists, health professionals and lay members.

To date, SafeMinds efforts are responsible for the publication of over 20 research articles and investment of almost $1.5 million dollars into research.   Click here to review these publications.

Are you a researcher interested in applying for a grant from SafeMinds?  Please download our application here.